A report on a lecture by agate nesaule

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A report on a lecture by agate nesaule

My recollections of our most recent AABS meeting in Seattle in April include the marvelous backdrop of Seattle itself, a perfect setting for the conference; the friendly hospitality of local Balts in the community; walking through the uncompromisingly futuristic corridors of the public library downtown, where some sessions were held; and meeting again friends not seen since the last AABS conference.

But even more than all these, my memories of the Seattle conference will above all center on three observations: Who will ever forget the challenges that faced Dr.

What struck me as a triumph was the adaptability they showed in such trying circumstances. I believe that this creative flexibility is an attribute of our organization as a whole over the decades.

Another vital impression was left by this, our first joint conference with the scholars of Scandinavian Studies. I will recall as especially useful and friendly those panels I attended where Baltic and Scandinavian topics intermingled and challenged us all to comparisons and contrasts over broader horizons.

Finally, I most appreciated the potential for the future which was showcased at the conference. It appeared in many guises: Impressions on the Conference on Baltic Studies Report on the 22nd Conference on Baltic Studies, Seattle, Substitute speech, Baltic Studies luncheon, April 24, The expected number of papers was considerable, the caliber even more outstanding, and happily the process Aldis Purs, photo by Andris Rogainis of assigning panels proved more simple than anticipated.

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The similarities between topics, approaches, and concerns shared by Scandinavian and Baltic specialists fostered the creation of an exciting list of interdisciplinary and transnational panels. In the last weeks before the conference, all of the extracurricular activities, the organized lunches, the film evenings, the receptions, and book fairs, also seemed to come together seamlessly.

This sense of impending accomplishment was suddenly overwhelmed by the prolonged eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland.

The volcano's initial rumblings were met by a nervous response from the organizing committee as we hoped and prayed that a volcanic eruption would not seriously impact upon transatlantic flights.

As our worst fears seemed to materialize and the panel committee seemed to meet on an hourly basis to deal with the constant flood of academics forced to withdraw from the conference as the volcano paralyzed European airspace for days, our earlier anticipated accomplishments seemed to whither in the face of impending doom.

The ash cloud of doom, however, did not materialize, or rather, the hard work of the organizing committee and the boundless enthusiasm, good spirits and true camaraderie of academic community shone through the potential cloud.

AABS may have expected panelists to present at 40 panels, but the 27 panels with over a panelists delivered rousing, thoughtful papers.

Many of the papers pushed Baltic studies onto new paths while others highlighted the excellent work in Baltic Studies past. The two book panels managed to do both. Anton WeissWendt's Murder Without Hatred added important new contributions to the historiography of the Holocaust in the Baltic States and also allowed the esteemed Andrievs Ezergailis a chance to participate in the conversation, even if at times by a technically plagued tele-conference.

The evening also included the short films Little Bird's Diary and Krokodil.

A report on a lecture by agate nesaule

The conference succeeded in providing the venue for a cross-pollination of ideas across Baltic and Scandinavian Studies. Even the fear of a financial cloud over the conference did not materialize. Prior to the volcano, the conference expected to return modest profits for the two learned societies.

The volcano cast serious doubts on these early hopes. Our darkest fears, however, dissipated in large part to the excellent work of the SASS side of the organizing committee. In summary, the conference, despite the best efforts of an Icelandic volcano, reinforced that a joint conference with SASS was a venture worthwhile and worth organizing again.

The conference also introduced book panels, and discipline and geography specific luncheons that proved popular and successful. Finally, I must express my endless gratitude to those whose constant and devoted work made the conference possible in no particular order: Our situation today was made for poetry.

We need a poet who can set our experience to musical words. And on top of everything, the eruption of Mount Eyja. It is a country that grips our sympathies, having as it does the oldest parliament in the world, more than two centuries of near-universal literacy, a nation ofpoets, the first country in the world with the gumption to formally recognize the renewed independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This conference and the meetings with Europeans which did not occur here this time around help us see our situation with particular clarity. The fact that today many of us lament the absence of some of our colleagues testifies that the convergences discussed by Andrejs Plakans in have, indeed, happened.

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His report concerns the. Mar 11,  · It's two and a half days of lectures, panels, and every other conceivable kind of programming to help a budding writer. The keynote speakers were Agate Nesaule, Anthony Flacco, and Mukoma wa Nugugi.

Flacco has some true crime, a mystery, and a writing book, which he cowrote with Sharlene Martin, another attendee. Sem categoria An analysis of bioremendiation. By. Publicado em 09/10/ 09/10/ Sem categoria An analysis of bioremendiation. By. Publicado em 09/10/ 09/10/ Apceres vācu valodā par latviešu folkloru un literatūru [Publications in German on Latvian literature and folklore].

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