Contoh thesis proposal bahasa inggris

Background of the Study. Look at the developing science and technology, language has an important rule for human life, by using language the people will express their ideas, emotion, and desires, and it is used as a medium to interact with one another, to fulfil their daily need.

Contoh thesis proposal bahasa inggris

Background of the Problem Now days, English is the most important means of international communication. People from all over the world speak the language when they meet each other in every international meeting, conference, commerce or workshop.

As the consequence, all countries in the world have set English as one of the subject studied at schools. Indonesia as one of the developing country, has also set its educational curriculum which include the teaching of English as a foreign language.

The teaching of English for Elementary School pupils now days becomes current topic to talk. It is because of more and more Elementary School teaches English as a local content in their school and also remember the policy of Republic Indonesia Education Minister number: In this policy, it is mentioned that, Elementary School can add subjects according to the need, environment situation, and according to the characteristic of the related school, it is not decreasing the prevented curriculum nationally and not deviating of the national education purposes.

The teaching of English in Elementary School is not an obligation and the teaching will be conducted if it is needed. But, there are many elementary schools motivate to teach English in their school.

Contoh thesis proposal bahasa inggris

Besides, there is a demand of modern life which insists so that the basic of English must be taught as early as possible in the level of elementary school, because in this age, they experience the development of their cognitive process rapidly which make them easy to internalize the basic of English knowledge given to them, which finally enable them to develop their English skill in next higher school.

In teaching English for elementary school, there are some terms must be paid attention for the success of the learning process itself. Teacher must have a good and appropriate teaching technique in order to gain the teaching target and also pupils can motivate them selves in applying the teaching and learning technique.

The teaching of English at Elementary school level is emphasized on the teaching of reading and it is considered as the most important language skill taught for Elementary school pupils.


Therefore, it should be taught longer than the other language skill. To get a good result in teaching reading at Elementary school, the teacher should start from the beginner, it means that starting from their young language learner. Beside that, a lot of pupils say that English is a very difficult subject, it cause by English are different in writing and reading.

Many pupils feel boring to learn it, so that cause the pupils difficult to understand. Show from the reality that, there are so many pupils who studies at Junior High School and Senior High School do not able to read well a word or a sentence.

It is very important for the teacher to teach the pupils how to read a word or a sentence as well as possible. Because learning English does not for a while, but will continue to the high level as Junior High School, Senior High School up to the university.

That is the cause why the writer take this title. This research is aimed to know, to what extent is the effectiveness of English textbook in reading.

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The teacher would like to read a paragraph or a passage and the pupils would like to repeat after the teacher. Statement of the Problems The problems which are investigated in this study are: Objective of the Study This study is aimed at finding out: Scope and Limitation of the Study This study is limited to the following scope: Significance of the Study This study will have some usages either theoretically or practically.

Provide the English teachers a scientific study on the effectiveness of English textbook in teaching reading for Elementary school. Provide the English pupils an additional reference in searching the teaching of English for elementary school.

Help the learners of English to read correctly and fluently through the textbook. Motivate the English teacher to apply a practical use of textbook in teaching English.

Assumption of the Study In this case, the writer states that the assumption of this study as follows: Textbook is regarded as the most appropriate media in teaching reading.

Hypothesis of the Study In this study, the writer formulates the hypothesis of the study as follows:Kumpulan Judul Skripsi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Listening, Speaking, Reading, dan Writing. By Admin Ganteng On December 5, Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Expressing Disbelief dan.

Penjelasan dan Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Expressing Promise, Hope, dan Giving/ Asking Opinion. Jun 03,  · CONTOH proposal Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Reading Comprehension. CONTOH SKRIPSI I 10 comments. , to discuss written meaning and to draw inference and conciliation as well as to tell new ideas on thesis of what is read.

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Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. contoh judul skripsi dan karya akhir berbagai program studi. Search This Blog. 50 Contoh Judul Skripsi Bahasa Inggris 1. The Use of Films as the Media in Teaching Narrative Writing: A Quasi Experimental Research at Ninth Grade Students in one of Junior High Schools in Bandung CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS OF ENGLISH AND BAHASA INDONESIA.

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