Is state violence justified

Philosophise till the cows come home; I live in the reality of what works in given situations. This whole violence thing just leaves me shaking my head walks away shaking head. Yeah all they need is a better strategy so they can use their tool more effectively.

Is state violence justified

Have you ever felt unfairly treated by a parent, boss, coach, or another authority figure?

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No doubt this is a situation most, if not all of us, have probably experienced a number of times in our lives. We can expand this social dynamic beyond the interpersonal level to understand broader social movements. Max Weber, a founding figure in sociology, argued that authority is the use of power that is perceived as legitimate by the rest of society.

Weber said that authority could be divided into three types: Previously my colleague discussed charismatic authoritybut in this post I will focus on legal-rational authority, where authority is formally institutionalized. This may occur in workplaces a superior has authority over a subordinateon sports teams a coach has authority over athletesin state governments a politician can vote on laws impacting citizensand in state roles a police officer has authority over the average citizen.

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On Friday police on the campus of University of California Davis were video taped using pepper spray at point blank range on protestors who were sitting on the ground. In August Mark Duggan, a black Londoner, was fatally shot by a member of the municipal police.

Once it was revealed that Duggan had not fired on the police, waves of protests and looting spread across the greater London area.

A portion of the looting appeared to reflect selfish materialistic values. Plus the government has recently been cutting social programs during the ongoing global recession. In response to the disturbances, state police intervened, supported by Prime Minister David Cameron who asserted and intensified his legal-rational authority see video, below: Whatever resources the police need, they will get.

Whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ, they will have legal backing to do so. We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order on our streets. So what would Weber say about state-sanctioned violence like this?

As a result of this over use of violence, the state loses its legitimacy. In other words, the state can use violence on its people up to the point where it is seen as abusive. Put even more simply, when the state kills a murderer all is well, but if the state kills anyone who questions the government they lose their legitimacy.

In both Davis and London, the state is losing its sense of legitimate authority when unleashing violence on political demonstrators.

Now stuck in the paradox of authority, it is the state that becomes increasingly identified as oppressive and criminogenic, unfairly using its power to suppress public dissent. Returning to the earlier analogy, after using its power to enact violence, the state becomes the unfair parent, boss, or coach, who many say should not hold such extensive power.

Demonstrators in Davis and London clearly feel the state never provided fairly for them in the first place. Do you perceive the use of pepper spray at UC Davis as legitimate?

Is this a good example of the paradox of authority? What happens in the workplace when an employer or manager uses coercion i. Your teacher has legal-rational authority over you. Give some examples of things your teacher could do that are legal, but if they did them it would really make you question the legitimacy of their authority.

When the state is questioned or when protestors disrupt parts of society how do you believe the state should respond? When is the use of violence justified and up to what point?Whether the conventional Justifications distinction between the standing of state and nonstate violence, as subject matters, is defensible will not be Much philosophical discussion about political violence is addressed in this article, although it is a matter of argu- taken up with argument about whether and to what extent ment in discussions of .

A State may be justified to respond violently to a violent attack – be it physical, psychological, or verbal violence to be at stake. Equally, according to some, it may be justifiable to respond with physical violence to some legal or institutional violence.

The lower Piedmont, or Black Belt, counties—so named after the region's distinctively dark and fertile soil —were the site of the largest, most productive cotton plantations. Over the antebellum era some two-thirds of the state's total population lived in these counties, which encompassed roughly the middle third of the state.

Begun and held at the City of Washington on Monday, the twenty-fourth day of January, two thousand. An Act. To combat trafficking in persons, especially into the sex trade, slavery, and involuntary servitude, to reauthorize certain Federal programs to prevent violence against women, and for other purposes.

Is state violence justified

by Victoria Law. Cherie Williams, a year-old African-American woman in the Bronx, just wanted to protect herself from her abusive boyfriend. So she called the cops.

But although New York requires police to make an arrest when responding to domestic violence calls, the officers did not leave their car. [Rev. 6/2/ PM] CHAPTER - PROCEEDINGS TO COMMITMENT.

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LOCAL JURISDICTION OF PUBLIC OFFENSES. NRS Jurisdiction of offense committed in State.. NRS Jurisdiction of offense commenced without, but consummated within, this State; consummation through agent..

NRS Act within this State culminating in crime in this or another state.

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