Microbe hunters essay paper

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Microbe hunters essay paper

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Chapter 11 The author outlines the role played by livestock and crops in the spread of germs and diseases.

With the origin of bacteria being animals, Diamond outlines that it may hardly seem like a positive development, more so whenever it infected multitudes of people and wiping out potential generations.

On the brighter side, he explains that such epidemics presented an opportunity to develop immunity. Genetics give evidence that repeated exposure to certain illnesses has led to some people developing immunity to those diseases.

The significance of such resistance lies at the moment when another community would seek to conquer and displace an existing community. In this situation, the invading community would be easily frustrated by the illnesses which they had not developed any immunity to counter them.

The extinction of small communities is majorly a result of their inadequate capacity to fight external epidemics. Moreover, large populations are the key distributors of crowd diseases. In addition, agriculture including both animal rearing and crop growing promotes disease through coexistence with humans that initiate the disease.

The author explains that transmission of infections from animals was possible after alterations in the direct vector and modifications in the microbe.


Spread occurs through trade routes in Asia, Europe and Africa. While tropical diseases did not hinder European colonization in other continents, the establishment of selected infectious diseases impeded the European entry into some sectors of the New World. Chapter 12 Research has shown that the art of writing has its probable roots in South West Asia, China and Mesoamerica.

The rest of the cultures are believed to have adopted writing via idea diffusion as well as copying. Language can be represented in three fundamental ways; syllabic, alphabetic and logographic.

Due to the varying origins of writing, the fusion among them has led to diverse combinations of syllabaries, logograms and alphabetical letters.

Egyptian hieroglyphs for consonant sounds resulted in the birth of the alphabet. Other significant contributors to contemporary writing include the Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans and the Latin.

Furthermore, there existed the Cherokee Indian Sequoyah who used eighty-five symbols to develop the Cherokee writing system. Initially, writing was used in stratified multifaceted communities by an elite few to manage bureaucratic accounts and to maintain palace records. Writing facilitated enslavement, tax collection, promotion of religious beliefs and endorsement of superstitions.

Hunters, gatherers and select food producing communities did not use writing due to isolation hence lack of idea spread. In addition to the hunters and gatherers, some complex agricultural societies never made attempts towards developing writing, including the Tonga, Incas, Mississippi Valley Indians and Hawaii.

Microbe hunters essay paper

Conversely, the Europeans possessed the ability to read and write, which boosted them over the mostly illiterate societies they conquered. This is because they could study accounts on previous sailors, sailing directions and develop maps among other things. Chapter 13 Jared Diamond kicks off this episode with the Phaistos disk archaeologically discovered in Crete Island in The mystery posed by this disk lay in its technological potential.

It bears forty-five symbols presumed to be of a syllabary, mounted on clay. Archaeological researchers believe that it was the earliest form of printing before it became useless.

Following its discovery, multiple designs motivated by curiosity and taking innovation as a hobby were made. As the author describes technological development to be the result of interest, he argues that its uses were implemented following the discovery. The acceptability of an invention was based on four factors notably: Diamond furthers that receptivity of these inventions was not uniform from society to the next depending on life expectancy, lack of cheap labor, the legal angle, availability of technical expertise among other factors.Microbe Hunters was a hit and captured the imagination of a generation of young readers.

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Micro Chapter 1 - A Brief History of Microbiology Micro Chapter 1 – A Brief History of Microbiology The difference between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell is .

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Clifford Dobell and the Making of Paul de Kruif's Microbe Hunters