So why radicalization essay

Definitions[ edit ] There is no universally accepted definition of radicalization. Therefore, no one definition can be presented here.

So why radicalization essay

As Seen in Pakistan The forces of economic, political and religious distinction which have driven a wedge between the Western World and the Arab world are steeped in a long history of divergent interests. The conflict as we know it today, largely waged between the United States and the… Pages: This is largely due to the fact that the terrorist flabellum does not represent a regular threat to the national and international security, but rather an unconventional one,… Pages: In real practice it has been observed that such… Pages: The best way towards prevention is an understanding of the precise threats facing the country and cultivating ways in… Pages: Which View Paper … In fact, Mantri suggests that notwithstanding the numerous examples of domestic terrorism cited above, the potential for even more such attacks So why radicalization essay the future may be far greater because of the ideological attraction that these acts hold for some people.

In this regard, Mantri notes that, "Even more disturbing has been the concept that this is driven by… Pages: But along with these unconscionable terror-related strategies and tactics, many innocent people of Islamic faith have been erroneously linked to fanatical Muslims merely because of their dress or their place of origin.

This paper highlights the ethno-national identity problem that… Pages: It is virtually impossible to ignore the relationship between the narcotics trade and terrorism.

Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to ignore the fact that U. Prior tothe Taliban had cracked down on opium poppy production because of concerns that it would lead to UN-Sanctions, but U. In order to understand the extent of the impact of the narcotics trade on terrorism in Afghanistan, one must understand what a tremendous role narcotics production plays in the Afghan economy.

These narcotics impact other countries in two manners. First, it is believed that opiates originating in Afghanistan actually kill more people than any other illegal narcotic in the world, so the narcotics are their own form of terrorism.

So why radicalization essay

Second, the narcotics trade in Afghanistan exacerbates existing problems there, which makes the population more vulnerable to becoming terrorists.

Third, it is believed that the lingering Taliban insurgents profit tremendously from this drug production, so that this narcotics industry funnels hundreds of millions of dollars each year to terrorists. Bin Laden was certainly the face of Al Qaeda for many Americans, and, as the mastermind ofdid plan the most serious and significant terrorist attack on American soil.

He provided a tangible face for the literally thousands of terrorists worldwide who wished to target the United States. Moreover, the circumstances of his death, where he had been forced into hiding and apparently had not had any real leadership role in Al Qaeda for some substantial period of time, reinforced the idea that one might be able to strike out successfully against the U.

A single time, but that doing so would force a person into hiding and hamper the ability to plan and effectuate attacks against the United…… Pages: Previously, the Macheteros were responsible or struggles against the armed forces of the U. View Paper … Terrorism What is involved in terrorism investigation?

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Unlike many criminal investigations, investigating terrorism and terrorism issues are dependent on far more issues. First, the investigation may be national, international, or a combination -- it may involve a number of agencies, jurisdictions, and political formats.

The terrorism investigation is also dependent on whether it is proactive or reactive.


Proactive investigations are used to prevent acts of terrorism and include coordinated or long-term planning, intelligence gathering, and ways for different agencies to cooperate. Reactive methods are used to investigate terrorism after the incident occurs.

These include crime scene processing and analysis, detective work following leads and tipsusing informants, data mining, surveillance, and other standard law enforcement tactics.

These techniques do not focus on crime, but on the idea that a crime might be committed on a future date. It is primarily intelligence gathering, data mining and analysis, sharing of information with pertinent agencies, and gathering of intelligence by different means so that there are few surprises to law enforcement.

One real challenge in proactive investigation is balancing civil liberties against terrorist threats. Reactive methods follow similar techniques to basic modern criminal investigations, but on a larger, more complex manner.radicalization.

So why exactly did the Jihadists stumble up on this particular pathway? The. fundamental key to solving the puzzle of radicalization is what are aligned and what aligns.

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There is so much information and intelligence floating in the human consciousness today that it is a task in and of itself to organize the ever-changing, and ever rapidly changing systems of classification. Jan 30,  · It examines the historical origins of extremism and radicalization in Pakistan, explains why these phenomena have become so embedded and why the prevailing state of affairs in the country is not a coincidence.

MUCH has been written about radicalisation in Pakistan without emphasis on the conceptual grounding of what radicalisation really is. The Oxford dictionary, till , did not provide a definition of `radicalisation`, `radicalism`, or even `radicalise`, which clearly shows the recent evolution of the term.

Two main schools of thought explain why some people join terrorist organizations, or become terrorists. Although there are many approaches to the study of social explanations of group behavior, two schools of thought dominate the scholarly literature on terrorism.

Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual, or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that reject or undermine the status quo or contemporary ideas and expressions of the nation.

The outcomes of radicalization are shaped by the ideas of the society at large; for example, radicalism can originate from a broad.

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