Video games for education excercise and

As health concerns over the rising rates of obesity in our population become more prevalent, it is important to look to video games and gaming systems that utilize the wide range of interactive technology available now such as the Xbox Kinect, the Wii, and Playstation Move systems. You have a virtual trainer and the option to customize your own workout plans or choose from preset workouts.

Video games for education excercise and

Jan 1, at 1: There are so many fun and active games that let them shake out their excess energy and get their bodies moving without having to get outdoors.


Up the thrill by getting out the flashlights and letting your kids play with the lights off. They have to pay attention to what direction Red light!

Fun and Fitness: Which Video Game Provides the Best Workout? | Science project |

The first child or team to return to you having found all the items on their list wins! The timed element will get everyone moving to beat their opponents! Instead of doing it outside with sidewalk chalk, use your floor tiles as the "squares" and a small, soft ball instead of a rock.

One child is designated as the fox and must turn away from the other players.

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While his back is turned, the fox counts to 10 as fast or as slow as he wishes while the other players quietly try to reach him. When the fox turns around, the remaining players must freeze.

If they move or fall over, they have to go back to the starting line. If a player reaches the fox before he turns around, that person becomes the fox.

It involves a variety of throwing challenges such as tossing soft bean balls into colored rings that will keep the whole family on its toes.

Video games for education excercise and

This can be as simple as going for a walk together after dinner, heading out on a bike ride or doing a workout DVD together. She says, "Make it a compromise — a little bit of vegging out balanced with a little bit of physical fitness."Video-game exercises are interactive, have video and audio instructions, provide feedback on a patient's technique and scores them on the basis of their performance.

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Video games for education excercise and

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Feb 27,  · Which video game elevates the heart rate highest and burns the most calories? How does the number of calories burned using a video game workout compare to the number burned with traditional methods of exercise? Video gaming systems have developed a variety of “games /5(13).

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