Write a batch file to map network drives etown

Using Windows Explorer, you can easily map the drive to the share on a remote computer when needed. But what if you need to map multiple drives at once, or you want to always map the drive when you logon to your computer? The best solution is to create a batch file that you can click on, when you need to map the drives, or copy it to your Windows user account Startup folder so the drives are mapped automatically during logon.

Write a batch file to map network drives etown

Mon, 21 Jun Among the important and widely-used techniques used by physical chemists I would certainly include high vacuum i.

write a batch file to map network drives etown

We do nothing right now with signal processing. Judging from what we find in our graduate students we are not alone in neglecting this aspect of p. I would be interested to learn what other schools do and think about this and what other techniques should be included in a basic list.

Halpern" In reply to the question that Don Rosenthal posed about other applications of computer-assisted physical chemistry experiments, I would like to offer the following information: At Indiana State University, we use, in addition to the spectroscopy experiments e.

RS1 is an extremely powerful package that has the particular advantage of being able to fit experimental data, whether entered into a table manually or through a file from a disk, to any arbitrary one-dimensional function the FITFUNCTION routine. Exploratory calculations can also be simply done using RS1 procedures.

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Yet I find that the students pick up the RS1 command language fairly easily. A few experiments that we use for data acquisition are: The data files are then read into RS1, where a derivative procedure converts them into the first derivative, which is plotted vs. In this way the positions of the depressed melting points and eutectic transitions are much more easily identified.

Students get very good data for this system.

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Cooling and heating curves are usually used in tandem. The above equation follows from the integration of the Poiseuille equation assuming perfect gas behavior. The data are fed into RS1, and a derivative procedure allows the students to analyze the kinetics using the differential rate law.

Of course, they know [A]o and [B]o, as well as the extinction coefficient for the product from a separate experiment. Measuring k Tand thereby Ea, is an extension that some students can follow.

Using RS1 allows the study of the complex kinetics of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction to be followed in real time and analyzed using nonlinear methods. Some of these experiments are completely described in a p chem textbook that I write several years ago Experimental Physical Chemistry:Sep 01,  · I need to write a batch file to use for different users which will create a mapped network drive to a file server but when it runs it should ask me for a username and password so that the user only has access to the folders that they have permission to open.

Nov 14,  · Back in the Netware days I used to write batch files to map drives all the time, but the map command doesn't seem to be available on Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate (which is the new system I .

Jul 16,  · need a batch file or script that will allow me to map a network drive with. a differnt user name and password at statup. i know a VBS script will do this but i am unable to place this script on one domain controler.

Often it is asked how to create a batch file to map network drives for users at logon. Here’s how I did it at one site where I had a small number of users, but each user had a different set of mapped drives they needed to access.

I having server folder as a mapped network drive in workstation. Now the that folder is shifting to to another server so Ineed to change the path this activity I need to do at .

I would like to write a batch file that maps a network drive. I want to be able to e-mail an icon/shortcut to my users.

write a batch file to map network drives etown

Windows Xp and Win environment.

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